Product launch CouCou Kriek Royal

With their cherry beer, Geert De Paepe and Joeri Cools launched their second gluten-free beer under the brand name Coucou on Thursday 2 June. Joeri’s wife has gluten intolerance and Joeri thought it was time to take up the challenge, together with Geert, to develop a unique range of gluten-free beers with the coucou beers as a result, in addition to his Libidus beers. The first became the Coucou Pilsner and now the Kriek Royal.

“Coucou is a bird that lives in nature, so it symbolizes our natural beers.” says Joeri Cools.

“Obviously it is difficult to achieve all this by Joeri alone” says Geert. “Since we have known each other for some time and I have also been a fan of Libidus beers for some time, I joined the story. Last year I stopped the activities in the automotive sector and this gave me more time and enthusiasm to contribute to the wonderful beer story. ”

Joeri attended evening classes in brewing beer for 2 years via CVO Panta Rhei in Ghent and in practice has the beer brewed at the Eutropius brewery.

“The choice for the Eutropius brewery is mainly for the passion of Wouter, Barbara and their entire team. We are present at every step in the development of new beers. After the beers are brewed several times, we leave it to the team of Wouter, they know their trade perfectly.”

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