Product launch MAKnifique by MAK Brewery

The announcement of their new look is barely consumed when the friends of MAK Brewery bring out another announcement. This time it brings a new flavor.

“After brewing a triple, we didn’t want to follow the traditional route. We often see that after a blond beer, people immediately go for a brown one, but that trend seems to us a thing of the past. ” says Leander Meeuwis.

The growing interest in specialty beers, with an emphasis on special, brought them to a unique taste of a Saison beer. The new beer combines complex hops with fresh herbs and a slightly malted body. The result is a fresh, floral beer, with an accessible alcohol percentage of 5.7%. The summery notes of elderflower provide the aftertaste that makes you long for pre-Corona times.

The appearance of this beer goes with the flow of the adjustments they made to their previous triple. The beer is characterized by floral notes that stick to the corners of the mouth and make you grin, as it were. Furthermore, it is a fresh beer, with a young touch in the aftertaste and a beautiful copper-colored body.

“A real summery flavour, which also characterizes traditional Saison beers. It is nice to implement the traditional beer styles in our beer company and then give them a modern taste without losing the style. ”

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