Winners Beer Festival 2020 Bruges

Since last Tuesday, May 26, many beer enthusiasts and brewers sat every day at 8 pm after their PC or smartphone on the BAB Bruges Facebook page to see who made the top 5 of the visitor’s choice after the 10 nominees were announced on 20 May.

Yesterday evening May 30 was the day. Zythologist Kathleen De Sutter, member of BAB and known for Kate’s Bier Advies, was honored in Ottentic to announce the winner.

In a half-hour live show with numerous interventions by beer connoisseurs who were allowed to introduce the 6 remaining candidates, it was ultimately Triple Joe from Brouwerij Stokhove from Waardamme who received the gold medal.

Announcement winner Audience Award Beer Festival Bruges 2020

The Triple Joe is the youngest member of the brewery and is a triple infused with home-brewed raw whiskey. Definitely worth tasting and visitors to the beer festival clearly appreciated this.

You can watch the announcement show again here: LINK

To be complete we give you the top 5 in a row:

Old Myrtille Sauvage from Geuuzerie Tilquin from Bierk, the only Walloon Gueuze blender, stood at 5. The well-known West-Vleteren XII was ranked 4th. At 3 de Speculoos Stout from Brewery Totem from Evergem. On 2 de Malheur X-mass from Brouwerij De Landtsheer from Buggenhout and on 1 the Triple Joe from Brouwerij Stokhove from Waardamme.

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