MAK Brewery to Portugal

A good month ago, the 10 brewers behind MAK Brewery read an incredible story.

The Belgian sailor Veronique from Antwerp is not allowed to dock in Lisbon, Portugal due to the seriousness of the corona crisis. She is forced to anchor on the river Tagus.

“A beautiful view, but I have nowhere to go”

Veronique Claus

Caught on a ship, which is seen by the Portuguese government as foreign territory (as she did not sail under the Portuguese flag) and therefore should not come into contact with their own territory. The necessary food and drink is provided to her via a taxi boat that regularly brought supplies.

They read her story open-mouthed and were able to contact her. She is doing well, but above all had one big wish: a fresh Belgian pint!

The entire MAK Brewery team accepted the challenge and thus provided a special package for Veronique.

Package Portugal. Open box sith 2 sixpacks and a letter.
Package Portugal - Closed box

In the meantime, all the MAKkers are working hard to get beer delivered to people’s homes. The action 2 + 1 (four packs) for free became a huge success for which they would like to thank everyone very much! MAK Brewery has meanwhile delivered to more than 100 Belgian municipalities and also shipped beer to Belgians in lockdown in Portugal.

Group picture

Coming up: rebranding of the brand and beer ‘MAK Eens Proeven’, which won the double gold medal at the European Beer Challenge. They plan to announce this to the general public in the coming weeks!

MAK eens proeven - old style
MAK eens proeven - new style teaser

Find out more about their story and the 10 brewers behind MAK Brewery on the LinkedIn page:

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