3 local beer brewers join forces

In times of Corona virusses we sometimes need to clear our heads with a nice beer break.

Three local breweries in West Flanders have joined forces and are bringing a “Stay in your room! Survival beer pack” out on the market. These are the ‘Brewery – Distillery Stokhove‘ from Waardamme (Oostkamp), the ‘Kustbrouwerij‘ from Middelkerke and ‘Bram’s Brewery‘ from Roeselare.

Some of the measures taken by the government in Belgium to combat the Corona virus include closing the catering industry and staying “in your room” as often as possible. However, that does not mean that you cannot make it cozy at home. The brewers have compiled a package with twelve different craft beers from the three breweries. The box also contains a fun beer quiz with knowledge questions and DIY assignments. The scoreboard is a brewing process. You use a crown cap as a pawn and for each correct answer you go a step forward in the brewing process. Along the way you will also come across viruses, in order to beat them you have to do a DIY assignment, then your hands are disinfected and you can continue in the brewing process. Whoever succeeds first to turn water into beer wins.

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